Hajj Preparation 2022

What do I need to provide:

We will start collecting all documents from middle of May. It is important we receive the following documentation at the latest by end of May 2022 for each booking (person travelling):

  1. A valid passport (expiry date no less than 30th January 2023 & there must be at least two blank pages facing each other)
  2. Two passport sized photos (for visa & ID purposes)
  3. Photocopy of the ACWY (meningitis) injection certificate
  4. All non-EU citizens to provide proof of residence in UK
  5. All EU passport holders must provide proof of address in UK
  6. All UK passport holders do not need to provide any proof of residence of address – therefore, no action is required
  7. If you are a mahram to a woman, photocopy of evidence of mahram relationship is required (Marriage cert, Birth Cert etc..)

How do I provide the above documents?

  • Please hand in the documents to the office staff in person. The address is: TravelWay Ltd, 4th Floor, Suit 10, Westworld, Westgate, Hanger Lane, London, W51DT
  • Please ensure the TW booking reference number is clearly marked on the envelope with the full name of the traveller
  • If you are unsure of the TW reference number, please check your email confirmation or contact the office on: 020 8900 2772

Is there anything else I need to know or do?

  • As a reminder and in accordance with the re-enforced rules by Saudi Ministry of Hajj, if you have been to Hajj in the past 5 years, you will need to pay an additional fee of SR2,000 (Riyals) in order for the Saudi Embassy to issue the Hajj visa.

Insha’Allah, the TravelWay Hajj Seminar for 2022 will be held on (Date TBC)

The venue will be confirmed closer to the date. 

There are two seminars will likely to be planned as follows:

  1. Seminar ONE will be in English starting at 10:30 until 13:00
  2. Seminar TWO will be in Somali starting at 13:30 until 16:00

Please be on time to ensure you take as much benefit from the session as possible. we will start & finish promptly at the times stated above.

The below list is for guidance purposes only and it is not mandatory all items listed need to be packed. Please use your discretion as to whether you need the items.


Pocket Quran

  • Although Musahif (copies) of the Quran are readily available in the mosque, it’s more convenient to have your own. This will allow you to remain seated without the need to get up and find a copy or return it, possibly causing you to lose your spot in the mosque.

  • Don’t forget to remove it from your pocket before you go to the bathroom.

Hajj / Umrah Guide Book

  • A pocket-sized Hajj / Umrah guide book can be referred to just in case you happen to forget something.


Hard-Shell Suitcase recommended

  • A good quality suitcase with a hard case and a built-in locking system is recommended.

  • Don’t take your favourite suitcase or a very expensive one as it will most certainly be knocked around during your journey and accumulate some wear and tear.

  • Travelling with very large suitcases can be very difficult.

Suitcase Locks & Keys

Luggage Tags


  • If you’re performing Hajj, pack a lightweight backpack or travelling bag for your stay and journey between Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah.

Clothing & Accessories

State of Ihram

  • Avoid buying a very thin cotton Ihram – these may stick to you and become uncomfortable if you sweat.

  • The thicker cotton garment or towelling (terry-cloth) is preferable and can later double up as towels / blankets etc.

  • Take another set just in case the first set becomes impure.

  • Women should not wear niqab or gloves and the feet should be covered therefore, should wear socks.

Safety Pins / Clips for Ihram

  • A safety / pin clip can be used to fasten the upper garment of the Ihram so it does not fall from the shoulders.

  • Any belt can also be used to tighten the bottom part of the Ihram.

Comfortable, Loose-Fitting Clothes

  • Take comfortable, loose-fitting garments for when you’re not in Ihram.

  • Take clothes that require little to no ironing, are easily washed and are appropriate for the journey.

  • One set of clothes usually lasts one day.

  • For men, the Saudi Thobe / Jubbah and the Indo-Pak Shalwar Qameez are ideal.

  • Women should bring clothing that will cover them in accordance with the Shariah.

Sandals x 2

  • For men, whilst in you’re in Ihram, your ankles need to remain uncovered.

  • A flat, soft pair of walking sandals is recommended.

  • You will be doing a lot of walking during the days of Hajj so they must be comfortable and ideally, waterproof.

  • Buy a pair well in advance of your journey and wear those shoes regularly so they can be worn in and become more comfortable.


  • Wearing sunglasses can protect you from the sun’s glare, potentially causing problems for those with sensitive eyes.

Folding Umbrella

  • This can be purchased in Makkah.

  • Buy a white umbrella rather than a black one as black absorbs heat.

  • Avoid buying one with a sharp point as this can cause injury to other pilgrims in crowded areas.

  • You may not be able to take it inside the Haram.

Toiletries / Hygiene

Toothbrush / Miswaak


Shampoo / Conditioner /Soap / Wet Wipes / Shower Gel / Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer / Deodorant / Anti-Perspirant

  • Avoid products with fragrance while in Ihram.

Nail Cutter

  • Don’t pack this in your hand luggage at the airport as it will be confiscated.

Small Scissors (usually for women to cut their hair)

  • Don’t pack this in your hand luggage at the airport as it will be confiscated.

Medication (anything you may need starting with your prescribed medicine and then general – below are some examples)

  • E.g. Inhaler if you have asthma, insulin if you have diabetes etc.

Cold & Flu Relief Medication

  • The probability of getting a cold during Hajj is very high.

Pain Relief Tablets

  • Over-the-counter drugs for headaches, stomach aches, etc.

Travel Sickness Tablets

Moisturising Cream

  • For dry skin.

  • Must be fragrance-free in Ihram.

Cream / Balm / Lotion

  • For skin irritation.

  • For cracked / dry skin on heels.

  • Must be fragrance-free in Ihram.

Throat Lozenges / Spray and Cough Syrups

  • For coughs and sore throats.

Diarrhoea Tablets

  • E.g. Imodium for an upset stomach.


  • Inner thigh chafing that is a problem often faced by men whilst in Ihram.

  • Men are advised to apply Vaseline or another non-scented moisturiser to the area.

Plasters / Blister Plasters / Bandages

  • For cuts, burns and blisters.

Muscle Pain Ointments / Creams

  • For muscular / joint aches and pains.

  • E.g. Deep heat muscle rub.


Universal Travel Adapter

  • There is no real standard type of plug – you will come across sockets for 2-pin round plugs and 2-pin flat plugs like the ones used in Europe and 3-pin plug sockets like in the United Kingdom.

  • Some rooms have both 2-pin and 3-pin plug sockets.

Mobile Phone

  • To keep in touch with members of your group, friends and family and people back home.

  • Make sure your phone is unlocked before leaving home.

  • Local sim cards are available in phone shops in Makkah and Madinah.

  • Sim cards are cheap – about 10 Riyals.

  • Write down your own mobile phone number and that of other group members in case you get lost.

Mobile Phone Charger

Portable Charger / Power Bank

  • To charge your mobile phone and other electronics.

  • Look for a good quality, light weight one.

  • Multiple input power banks will allow you to charge more than one device at a time.

Days of Hajj

Sleeping Bag

  • To be used in Muzdalifah as you will be sleeping out in the open.

Other Items

Dust Mask

  • Helps if you’re allergic to dust and protects you from car fumes and pollution.

Small Water Spray Bottle

  • Can be very refreshing.

  • Can be used to do Wudhu.